Use of Diesel Generators Over Gas Generators – Advantages and Disadvantages

The trend of using generators has been going on for centuries now, and whenever there is a need for a backup source of emergency power, industrial diesel generators are the answer to this problem. Basically, to power the generators there are several types of fuel available. Industrial diesel generators are amongst them. There are many individuals that question the benefits and disadvantages of using and installing these generators in a particular application. Although there are several reasons for choosing this generator, the benefits still do not outweigh the negatives. The consecutive paragraphs will enlighten you with both the sides of the story. Let us first look at the benefits of using this device. diesel generator set

Benefits of Industrial Diesel Generators

These generators are least flammable as compared to other types of generators. They also have the smallest amount of maintenance and are extremely easy to operate. The low maintenance factor is because of the lack of carburetors and spark plugs. Since, there are no carburetors to rebuild or no spark plugs to replace, the majority of work reduces. The only major maintenance that is required on the device is the oil change. Moreover, the average time these generators run is for 20,000 or 30,000 hours before having the need to service or overhauling. The life expectancy of these devices is much longer as compared to any other fuel generator. They are built to withstand extreme pressure and function at half the speed of traditional gasoline generators.

Additionally, these devices tend to outlast the conventional gasoline generators whilst performing the same amount of work. They do not even burn as much fuel as the gas generators do. Diesel is priced at a low cost and thus it is the most-efficient fuel alternative when compared to propane and gasoline.

Nonetheless, there are some cons related to the usage of these devices too.


Industrial diesel generators are loud and noisy in operation which makes them unsatisfactory for private or home use. These devices require an extensive warm up and an absolute cool down time because of the high pressure present in a diesel engine. Moreover, the exhaust present on this device is more noticeable as compared to any gas generator. This is due to the fact that gasoline is more refined than diesel. Another consideration to make under this topic is the initial costs involved in installing the diesel generator. This cost is generally higher than the gas generator. Hence, the high cost definitely affects the efficiency of the generator when correlated to that of gas.


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