Fashion Tips for Men: All About Jumpers

The great thing about jumpers is that you can wear them throughout the year: regardless of the season, a jumper of some kind will be suitable. Jumpers are an essential item in any man’s wardrobe; they are fantastic in this respect, in that they suit any style of dress and suit all body types. They come in a huge variety of styles and materials, and as such, you will find stylish jumpers that are appropriate for both formal and informal occasions.

Amongst men’s fashion items, jumpers are one of the most versatile, there are so many different styles of mens jumpers, that you will find one to suit any outfit. There is a huge range of choice when it comes to choosing jumpers for men. With a plethora of different styles – including cardigans, sweatshirts, and knitwear: with a massive selection of materials, including velvet, lamb’s wool, cashmere, cotton, and even denim – there is certainly a jumper to suit you. BOXY TEE 

Neck Line
When choosing a jumper for your body type, consider various factors. If you have a large jaw line, and wish for it to appear svelter, then select a v-neck, this will draw people’s attention towards the chest, and away from the chin.

However, v-necks also give the impression that a person is shorter than they are, but if you wish to appear taller, then a crew neck is best.

For you fashion conscious men, a v-neck jumper is great, because it makes layering an outfit much easier.

Choose the colour of your jumper according to your skin tone, hair colour, and eye colour.

With fair or pale skin, wear colours that contrast strongly with your skin, to this end, really bright colours, or really dark colours are best. Wearing lighter colours, such as pastels, will create a ‘ghost-like’ air.

With olive skin, contrast is also important, but be sure to avoid wearing yellow and green, as these will bring out the corresponding colours in your skin. Lighter colours and pastels, as well as bright or dark colours, are perfect for this skin tone – avoid mid range colours though.

Darker skins are the most fortunate concerning suitable colours, they all match, although avoid excessively bright colours.

Aside from these simple rules, the specific colour of jumper you choose is entirely a matter of personal taste.

As mentioned above, jumpers should form part of the basic makeup of any man’s wardrobe, they are amongst the most versatile of men’s clothing and suit any look. Men’s Clothing Shop sells a wide range of jumpers, from the traditional to the latest styles, all of fantastic quality and at affordable prices; they are definitely worth a visit.


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