Show Your Good Side With A Custom Vinyl Banner

Vinyl Banners Are The Diverse Way To Advertise

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You’ve seen similar vinyl banners before, and you probably imagine them hanging with ropes, tied to a building front or above the door. Vinyl banners are inexpensive, weather resistant, and can project any graphic you have in mind, so it’s no wonder they’re a popular way to promote your business or event. Wide Roller Banner

But don’t get locked into thinking that hanging a standard size custom banner above your business is the only way to use this fun and practical type of custom sign. Vinyl banners can be customized to any size or specification and hung multiple creative, eye catching ways to maximize exposure and appeal. Ropes are just the beginning!

Know The Ropes Of Custom Banner Signs

Because custom banners come in a variety of sizes that would make Goldilocks’ head spin, there are several different ways of attaching rope for hanging and controlling the banners. Custom vinyl banners are often used indoors as well as out, so whether or not a banner is subjected to winds also determines what kind of support the banner needs.

If you are displaying your custom banner inside, such as against a wall, then you probably need only a standard sized banner with grommets inserted in the corners. Grommets are simply eyelets covered with a hardware that keeps the holes from tearing. The number of grommets in any custom vinyl banner depends on the size of the banner, and sign experts such as the ones from our shop can help make that decision with you.

Another style of vinyl banner includes ropes already sewn into the hem and therefore excludes the need for grommets. The length of the rope can be specified to whatever length you need, and this type of banner is designed for being tied between fixtures, generally outdoors. The internal rope allows wind to spread over the length of the banner and keeps it from being tossed about and potentially torn.

If your custom standard sized banner needs extra strength for outdoor placement, we can create a banner with rope sewn into the hem and include grommets as well. This style makes the vinyl banner more versatile for hanging in various places.

So for simple banner displays requiring only rope, you have a few choices.

Super Structures For Super-Sized Vinyl Banners

If you need to advertise your business or event in a big way, then you need a BIG custom banner! Usually these larger custom banners are hung outdoors, making them a little more vulnerable to winds and potential damage. To head off any tearing at the pass, we include webbing rather than ropes in the hems. The webbing is stronger than even the durable rope as well as wider, making it even more wind resistant. And for extra large banners (Goldilocks would have her hands full with vinyl banners), we recommend grommets along with webbing to prevent sagging as well as tearing. The message on your custom vinyl banner is only as good as the custom banner itself!

Hardware For Hard Working Custom Banners

Are you concerned that ropes and even webbing with grommets won’t be enough to support the size of banner that you need? If your super sized banner is going somewhere exceptionally windy, then you may need ‘D’ rings attached to your webbing and possibly more grommets for more tie points.

And tying custom vinyl banners is only one way to hang them. We can also create ‘sleeves’ in the hems of vinyl banners, allowing them to be hung on street and light poles or other hardware. The only information your sign maker will need for sleeves will be the circumference of the pole (diameter x 3.14) and what type of pole on which the banner will be hung. Grommets may be placed within the banner for extra tie points.

Custom Banners Can Stand Up For Your Customers’ Attention

Another increasingly popular look for displaying a vinyl banner is to display it on a banner stand. You may have seen banners on stands in the mall, outside of retail stores. Banner stands are as portable as your custom vinyl banner and bring your message to eye level.

Banner signs displayed on banner stands also look professional and have a corporate appearance that makes your product literally stand out. Banner stands are affordable and can be either larger for floor display or smaller for counter display – or, as we prefer, both! The more a product is displayed, the better for your business.

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