How to Get the Most Out of Your Bedroom Space

Your bedroom is not just a place to lie down and go to sleep. It is a place to feel comfortable and to escape from everyday stress. You can have stress anywhere in the house so why not create a room that will not let stress in? You can find that room in your bedroom. There is a certain way to position everything in your bedroom to get the most out of your space. No matter how big or small your bedroom may be. 2 bedroom apartment east side manhattan

Windows are wonderful in the bedroom and most people place their beds underneath the windows. In order to get the most out of your room, you need to be able to look out of your window before you even get out of your bed. No matter how tall or small your window is, the light coming into your window can give you a positive outlook on your day. Face the bed parallel to your main window. Don’t cover the window with a blind if you can avoid it. If the light is too bright for you in the mornings, you can always turn your back toward the light and get a few more minutes of sleep.

Don’t overcrowd the bedroom. We sometimes make it easy on ourselves when we clean the rest of the house to store everything in the bedroom but over time, it becomes cluttered and you may find yourself staying in the bedroom except to sleep. Your bedroom needs to be your dream room, your relaxing room, your intimate room, and your room to escape from anything. You need to eliminate the clutter and go back to the basics. Keep the window treatment simple and light. Have the bed and bedroom furniture spread out as far as possible so the room doesn’t seem crowded. Don’t allow your children to bring in some toys and forget to take them back. You also don’t want to put your desk in your bedroom or your husbands’ golf clubs. The idea is to keep only bedroom things in the bedroom.

If you have a small bedroom, you want to open the space up with accessories. Place mirrors all around the room in order to make the room feel and look larger. It will even allow the bedroom to look brighter as the lights reflect in the mirrors too.

If your bedroom has a narrow and long design then you can section some parts of it off in order to create a cozy bedroom. This is where area rugs can play an important role in your decor. Use solid color rugs like beige, cream, or yellow to place a chair and ottoman for sitting. Unless the room would look bad, you may want to use round rugs in the bedrooms. Separating certain areas in the bedroom will give it a certain distinct look that will balance it out.

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