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When most people think of horse racing they probably think of the United States or Europe. While the “West” is indeed a major player the sport is growing across the world and in places including Asia and the Middle East. This offer gamblers across the world new opportunities to spend time at the race tracks and will help ensure that horse racing retains its place as a favorite sport to bet on. Three of the biggest non-Western horse racing centers include Japan, the United Arab Emirates, and Australia.

It should be no surprise to see Australia on the list as the nation is a former British colony and horse racing proved to be popular throughout the British Empire. As the “motherland” of modern thoroughbred horse racing the United Kingdom was instrumental in spreading the sport through its former colonies and territories. The United Kingdom helped encourage the spread of horse racing to the United States, Ireland, and Australia, along with mainland Europe, among other places. 사설토토

Australia now sports one of the most well-established culture outside of North America and Europe. It is estimated that over 14 billion dollars were gambled in 2010, a staggering sum that even rivals the much larger United States. Australia also ranks third in the total value of money awarded to racers and features more race courses than any other nation. Some races, such as the Melbourne Cup, even rival the Kentucky Derby and other famous races with over a hundred thousand spectators gather to watch each year.

You might not guess it but Japan is also one of the major international hubs of horse racing. The annual total winnings up for grabs in Japan is second only to the United States and the island nation features numerous big name, big brand racing events. In 2010 the Japanese Racing Association held some 3,500 races at which Japanese bet nearly 2.5 trillion Yen (Approximately 26 billion USD). Just as Japan was quick to adapt Western technology they were also quick to adapt horse racing.

The United Arab Emirates is also gaining fame in the horse racing world with its extravagant Meydan Race Track. This massive and ultra-modern facility is able to seat over 60,000 people comfortably in the otherwise scorching desert. The Meydan Race Track is home to the Dubai World Cup which features a shocking 10 million dollar purse. The extreme size of this purse helps attract top notch horses and jockeys from across the world.

This might surprise some race horse enthusiasts but you cannot actually bet at the Meydan racetrack. Gambling is considered Hiram (forbidden) according to the code of Islam and thus the UAE has forbade any gambling at their race track. Gamblers can still bet on the races, however, by placing a bet through an online gambling website.

It’s easy to see that horse racing is becoming a global sport. And with the advent of the Internet gamblers can now bet on races across the world! Perhaps in the past you’d have to travel to Melbourne to enjoy and bet on the Melbourne Cup but now with an Internet connection you have both bet and gamble on a race being held in just about any country!


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